Update 2.0.1 is now out!

Arrest Report

General Section

Officer Section

Arrest Section

Describe the events leading up to the arrest in third person and in chronological order, explaining all charges.

Location Details

Evidence Section

Provide supporting evidence to aid the arrest report.
Roleplay what the dashboard camera captures OR provide Streamable/YouTube links.
(( Lying in this section will lead to OOC punishments ))

Processing Section

N/A: Only when arresting at Level I Lockups.
Red Wristband: Violent charges.
Blue Wristband: Non-violent charges.
Yellow Wristband: Medical related concerns. (Terminally Ill, Contageous Disease, etc).
N/A: Only when arresting at Level I Lockups.
White Bracelet: General inmate population.
Orange Bracelet: Juveniles (Male and Female)
Please remember to ask for the suspect's GTA:W forum name if pleading Not Guilty, No Contest, or Required Case.